Transflo ELD T7

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Transflo ELD T7 -Hardware

The Transflo ELD T7 uses engine status, engine hours, idling, vehicle movement, and mileage data to populate a driver’s electronic truck logs.

The Transflo ELD T7 is a world-class GPS vehicle tracking device. It’s the future at your fingertips.

Additional features:

  • Quick plug-and-play 
  • Advanced engine data capture
  • Ultra-accurate engine diagnostics
  • Accident detection & notification
  • Authentication and encryption security

The solution is available with your choice of monthly service plans. The Standard ELD plan allows you to manage hours of service (HOS), driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), and data for IFTA reporting. The Fleet Telematics plan includes all of the Standard ELD plan features plus complete fleet management capabilities like engine diagnostics, GPS-mapping, accident reconstruction, violation notifications, and more. Both plans cover the 48 continental U.S. states and all 10 Canadian provinces included in the IFTA jurisdictions.

The device is available on Apple iOS and Google Android systems and includes an installation harness, available in 6-pin, 9-pin, or 16-pin configurations at no extra charge. The Transflo ELD T7 also includes a cellular chip that automatically transmits data, avoiding hassle of device “pairing” or Bluetooth “bridging,” which can drain your battery and make your phone hot.

Best of all, if you’re already using Transflo Mobile to manage loads, scan documents, and access payroll statements, you can simply add HOS functionality to your menu after you register. Nearly 1 million drivers have downloaded Transflo’s mobile app! You can manage your whole workday in one app.

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Device Type Bring Your Own Device
ELD Mobile App OS Android, IOS
Other Features Document Scanning, DVIR, Engine Info, IFTA, Messaging
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