FleetUP – 4CJ

Initial Cost : $0.00
Monthly Cost : $25

FMCSA Compliance

  • FMCSA registered and certified
  • Restricted driving hours, easy status changes, HOS rule setting, real-time violation alerts
  • RODS report for inspector. Data stored online over six months

ELD Device

  • Connect to the ECM with full heavy-duty truck compatibility
  • Wired installation in under 10 minutes without a technician. Hidden install to allow the OBD-II port to remain open (Bluetooth is great for mobile phone headsets, but do you really want your data hackable?)
  • Reliable telematics network (3G), high-security wireless communication, data storage and recovery over non-coverage areas

HOS Driver Interface

  • No special device required. HOS driver app for Android and iOS
  • Pre- and post-DVIR report
  • Easily swap vehicles between drivers
  • Voice guidance for RODS, DVIR reminders, and HOS notifications.

FMS Features

  • 10-second GPS tracking with live traffic
  • Live engine diagnostics and eLog for maintenance
  • Parent/child accounts hierarchy

Actionable Data

  • Unlimited geofences with visit and transit records
  • Fuel consumption and waste analysis, based on actual usage—location, time, driver activity
  • Tracking ID service for the end-customer thru email—with ETA and live vehicle location update





Fuel Tax Automation, distance reports by state, trip report, IFTA Online

DVIR Online

For Mechanics and Admins. Post-DVIR from the driver, mechanic review to send a Pre-DVIR to the driver.

Voice Over HOS

The FleetUp HOS Companion App is the only HOS solution that provides voice-over in-app guidance and proactively notifies the driver of potential HOS violations.

FleetUp HOS Companion App

Available for Android and iOS. Enables drivers to certify or edit logs, create/accept/reject DVIRs, record RODS, bring up I-RODS for inspections, and set their status: yard move, personal conveyance, sleeper berth, or on/off-duty.

HOS Online

Built from the ground up for Fleet Managers and accessible via a standard web browser. Create driver accounts, configure and set HOS rules, view logs and reports, and examine up-to-the-minute driver status and availability.

Trip History

A complete trip history including: miles, hours driven, MPG, alerts, stop time, replay video (per trip), and a daily trip summary.

GPS Tracking

2-min GPS tracking with live traffic from Google.

24x7x365 support

Get live help from our team 24 hours a day, 7 days-a-week to help you with any issue you may encounter.

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Product Features

Geo Fencing, Mobile App, Product Support, Touch Screen, Vehicle Tracking

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