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Mobile Warrior ELD J1939

Mobile Warrior created iDDL from the perspective of the driver. Many other systems have created their systems based on the equipment, i.e. Power Unit & Trailer. As a result, many systems hardwire their black box and tablet directly into the Power Unit. Our solution, right down to the black box (ELD device), is portable and easily changed by the driver to a new unit, such as a rental truck, if needed.

 Here are some of the advantages of the iDDL ELD/driver log system:

 An e-log HOS system that is adjustable like a paper log (less the eraser marks)

  • The number one reason we hear from drivers that are hesitant to move from paper logs is that they cannot make changes or correct mistakes as needed. That is not the case with our system. If you forgot to go off duty after a long week on the road that is easily updated without external assistance.

 Our fully featured in-cab ELD device for 100% Compliance.

  • We provide an affordable, custom-built, portable black box (ELD device) that seamlessly connects with your Apple or Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth which in turn syncs with the cloud providing compliance with the ELD Mandate from the FMCSA.

 Flexible: We can accommodate nearly any logging workflow – effortlessly

  • Tracking IFTA is easy and even automated with our ELD system.
  • Need to photo-document a truck issue, documents, receipts or other paper items? You can attach those within our system by using the camera or scanned image making tracking easy.

 Compliance and reporting are the heart of iDDL.

  • Reports on driver logs, inspections, and others as dictated in the future are available to be printed (printer required), emailed, as a PDF, and shown on screen.
  • We sync with the cloud for access to records requested in a DOT audit without the driver needing to regularly send their logs in or the company having to scan and/or archive them.
  • If a truck fails inspection the mechanic can login to our admin web portal once repairs are complete and perform a passed inspection.

 Over 60 Rulesets preloaded – the most in the industry

 Some of our rulesets include:

  • Oil Fields for Canada, US, & Mexico
  • Passenger
  • Motion Picture
  • Agricultural
  • California
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Texas
  • Just to name a few!

 Superior fleet management: Real-time view of driver locations/hours availability, etc

  • iDDL makes the math and location part of driving easy! The system tracks the hours and locations worked during the day and the total eligible hours used and remaining for your specific ruleset.

 Redundancy and memory at the ELD Device, Phone or Tablet, and in the cloud ensuring records are saved even when connectivity is limited

  • To ensure none of your records are lost due to poor network connectivity or a missed Bluetooth connection each stage of our system remembers the data it is accumulating and transmits it once connectivity is restored.

 Customizable driver inspection checklist

  • If you need to make additions or changes to the standard inspection checklist this can be done by the user without programming. For example if you drive a motor coach you can add bathroom, cargo and other items that go above compliance and safety.

 Available Admin Web Portal to proactively track driver compliance

  • If you have a fleet of drivers you can easily manage them. You can assign drivers, equipment, and even loads and those assignments are provided to your drivers in real-time. As they make updates to their logs those are also made available to dispatch, safety, or administration in real-time. We can even provide an email alert when a compliance issue arises.
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ELD Mobile App OS Android, IOS
Other Features DVIR, Engine Info, IFTA, Navigation
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